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UFC Gym Opening in New Hyde Park

UFC Gym Opening in New Hyde Park

You missed a huge event if you didn’t attend the UFC Gym grand opening in New Hyde Park.  If you’re considering taking your fitness to the next level, want to add some spice to your work-out routine, or considering the gym scene for the first time then a UFC Gym is the place to go. Many are opening across the country and should be a blast of fun all around. If you happen to be local to New Hyde Park then check this place out. You’ll be happy you did.


If you’re curious about my experience at the event read further:

Party day this place was packed. By the time I arrived there was no parking. It reminded me of parking in Manhattan or Brooklyn on a bad day. I ended up leaving my car at a McDonald’s across the street. People wanted to be at this event. 

 I was overwhelmed when I first entered the building. It was like a giant warehouse but with more space. It became clear fast if you’re looking for variety for fitness then this is the place to be. It housed tons of equipment and there’s a lot to go around even on a crowded day. There was a place for pumping iron, pounding bags, and hitting the treadmill. There were lots rooms for different classes too.

Giant lines greeted the UFC fighters for signings and meetings. I mingled as people waited and casually asked how they felt about this place. Everyone I talked to said they loved the gym and the services they provided. Trust me, I talked to a lot of people and not one person had anything bad to say about this place. 

There were a lot of vendors at the event. Rockin’ Wellness was one that stands out to me. I tried their simple shake blend and it was really good. Besides their products being gluten free and organic I felt like my body was getting oxygenated when I was sipping samples.  Do Fit and Six Pack Fitness name a few others that were around.

The UFC athletes were pretty swamped between meeting fans and taking their part in the events throughout the day. I did catch a glimpse of Chuck Liddel though. Upon seeing him I understood why people cheer for him. He gives off an aura that makes you want him to win fights. 

Outside the UFC fighters answered questions for the press. There were more vendors outside too. Dave and Buster’s had a tent with a wheel you spun to win stuff. I won over $40 in goodies. There was a booth for people considering a career in the army and I asked some military personnel  what they loved about the UFC. They said they use a lot of the same fighting techniques themselves and found it entertaining, a nice comfort when away from home too.

I’m guilty of snagging some fried Oreos at the vendor before I left.



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