Dreams as Reality: Matt Bilella

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While naysayers will always claim the dreamer’s goals are impossible, time and time again visionaries will continue to surpass such negativity to create new realities. But daydreams are not won on just fantasy or hard work; both are needed. Those who reach success find harmony between the two and create a platform above their wildest imagination.


Matt Bilella has picked up speed in his MMA career through understanding this balance. He knows it all starts with taking charge of our consciousness. “Mind set is the most important thing I do,” says Bilella. “I’m not the biggest guy. Yet I have the biggest energy. I have a lot of goals and visions and I can get there due to my mind.”


He stresses how the frequency of thoughts create the kind of feedback we’ll receive from life.“Think positive and positive comes,” he says, “Think negative and negative comes. I don’t really believe in luck. I believe that everything happens for a reason.”


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For many, career is the hardest place to bridge reality and fantasy; with only a few lucky enough to bring them together. Bilella has proven through his own MMA journey that a dream job can be created by our own will. “Business wise you can make money if you’re smart,” says Bilella, “Mix business and pleasure. Make money doing it.”


Working towards our goals is important. However it’s important to not let dreams of tomorrow get in the way of enjoying today. “You need to work but be happy with yourself,” he Bilella, “There’s a reason you’re not [at your goal] yet. Always be progressing, always be changing.”


Bilella gains more ground towards becoming an MMA professional fighter. As a final note he adds, “When my day comes, everyone’s screwed.” May his confidence inspire yours. -Paige Etheridge



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