Getting Started with Nutritious Eating

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Getting Started with Nutritious Eating

As someone who’s been there before, getting started on the path to a healthy lifestyle can be super daunting. Everyone out there is shouting at you for what health product to try next, promising pounds dropped and inches shed, and every person out there will tell you something different if you ask them what “eating nutritiously” looks like.

Well, I’m not about to promise that, but I will say that there are some pretty agreed-upon first steps to moving toward a healthier lifestyle – I won’t say they’re easy, but they are do-able, and if you’re really struggling with feeling healthier, give them a shot.

Step 1: Count ingredientsthis one’s not too challenging except when you encounter foods with a laundry list and you aren’t sure what to buy in replacement. While the optimal goal is that you avoid foods that even have an ingredient list, counting the number of ingredients on a nutrition label can be very indicative of just how nutritious a product is. Five or less, and you’re probably looking at a fairly good choice (as long as you aren’t seeing anything you can’t pronounce…)

Step 2: Drink water – Staying hydrated is imperative for optimal health. Not only does it have the little bonuses of filling you up so you don’t overeat at meals, but because it’s literally necessary for every single process in the body, it ensures you’re feeling your best all day long – think glowing skin, great digestion, weight loss, headache and other pain/inflammation relief, and overall wellbeing.

Step 3: Get moving – Now, this isn’t a “exercise X times a week for X minutes each” kind of step. This is very simply just moving a little more than you did yesterday. If you’ve got a pedometer or activity tracker, excellent – you can actually see if you’re increasing your movement. If not, just feel it out. Been sitting at work for a couple hours? Take a two minute walk around the office to stretch everything out. Park toward the back of the parking lot, or get off the bus or train a stop early and just walk that little bit more.

Now, these are only a few first steps, but they’re the foundation for moving toward a healthy lifestyle and feeling truly well. Want a customized nutritious one-week meal plan, personalized to your needs, goals, and preferences? Check out Knlalla on Fiverr.



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