A new (and easier so that makes it better) way to make almond milk

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A new (and easier so that makes it better) way to make almond milk

By Wellness Rebel, Connie Trowbridge

I love almond milk, not for its taste cuz if I’m being real it tastes like watered down cereal milk or something like that, but for its better-than-dairy health benefits. Most brands on the market contain crap ingredients that do more harm than good. >insert gasp here<  In the meantime, I’ve been using the best possible option of milk that I could find: Silk unsweetened original brand because it was the only type of almond milk that did not contain carrageenan, (a carcinogen, beware some of Silk’s flavors DO contain this cancer causing ingredient so read your labels) however, it still had more ingredients than I would prefer to consume.


I can admit that I’m just too damn lazy to make almond milk. It requires too much effort. I spend enough time in the kitchen, I rather not add to it. Plus I’d always forget to soak the nuts overnight, it took me forever to strain the milk, then the straining made a mess and the whole thing would become a pain in the ass! I hate pains in the asses. (Asses? Whatttt??)

More times than not, I’d forget to make some ahead of time so I was left scrambling to come up with some almond milk when I needed it for a recipe.


But then something magical happened…



I did an experiment…



And it rocked…


I figured out a much EASIER and FASTER way to make almond milk that in my opinion tastes even BETTER than the original method, AND there’s no soaking required!!! Can I get a what what???!!!!



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