Increase Your Bench , Increase Your Punching Power

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Increase Your Bench , Increase Your Punching Power

Mixed Martial Arts Athlete – Striking Emphasis

6-10 exercises 3x week

Perform Larger Muscle Groups and Multi Joint Exercises first
3 primary types of lifts
1. presses
2. pulls
3. squats

Load Cycle and Base Conditioning 12 Weeks

I picked a Load cycle for bench press because for a striking specialist in MMA , the punching motion is parallel to the bench press motion.  Not only is it key to train the primary movers but to train the antagonistic muscles that will give balance , prevent injury and ultimately allow the athlete to perform better because you can only accelerate as quickly as you can safely decelerate.

Top 30 Fighter Exercises

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Week 1


Barbell Bench Press
6 sets 6 Reps

Dumbell Inclines

4 Sets 6 Reps

Lat Pulls
4 Sets 6 Reps

Seated Rows
4 Sets 6 Reps



Barbell Squats
4 Sets 5 Reps


Roman Chair Leg Raise
4 Sets 10 Reps

Back Extensions
3 Sets 10 Reps


 Fight Camp Nutrition, Week of Weight Cutting and Re hydration Protocols

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