Kids In Trouble At School – Two Simple Things That Can Get Them Back On Track

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Your child is the perfect sweet student that all the teachers love right? Eh…probably not. While some kids naturally excel in school, most will have difficulty with it at some point. The parents’ job is to judge whether or not this difficulty is just a phase, and if action needs to be taken. If it is a serious problem, it is likely that the teacher will contact you about it, but this is not always the case.


Here are some signs to watch out for that your child is having trouble in school.


1)  Your child works hard but doesn’t do well – If your child spends hours on homework each night, but still gets average or low grades, this could be a sign of a learning disorder.


Try sitting down with your child one afternoon and see what they’re working on. If it is clear that he or she doesn’t understand the concepts, you may want to contact the teacher to find the underlying reason. Also, make sure that all that time you think they spend doing homework is actually spent that way. Your child may be making low grades because they are playing computer games or watching television in their room while you think they are studying.


2)  Your child is apathetic toward school work – Homework is not the first thing most children want to do when they get home from school. If you as a parent don’t stress the importance of school work, it may never sink in.


One way to do this is to establish a routine. When your child gets home from school, make them a snack and have them sit down and do their homework. Tell them that once they finish they can go play if there is time before dinner. However, don’t be too forceful in your approach. If you make homework feel like a punishment, children will rush through it or refuse to do it at all. If apathy persists, you may want to seek advice.


Don’t over schedule your children. Play time is a fundamental part of childhood, and they don’t need to have soccer or band or karate every single night.


In addition, sleep gives your child’s body rest and allows it to prepare for the next school day. It’s like giving their body a mini-vacation.  The best way to keep your kids successful in school is to make it as easy as possible for them to learn. This means making sure they get enough sleep at night and that they eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.