Life of a Fighter LOF Podcast Episode 72: Mike Caulo Blog Day 6

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Todays’ Schedule

930am – wake up, drink 8 ounces of water



930am – 230pm – 30 mins walk within an hour of waking up and get breakfast and do some work then take Ash to work and stop by the bakery to brainstorm with Rose


230pm- 5pm – relax at home and do some social media work


5pm – 8pm – Kickboxing session (Drink 1 scoop 1st Phorm BCAA’s with 32 ounces water throughout workout) then stretch, sauna, shower, head home, eat, and watch documentary


bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm


845pm -11pm finish blog post, podcast and work


Mike Caulo 30 day Blog Training & Nutrition Plan.xlsm

Day 2 RED, Description of what you should include BLACK, An example of what you should included Plan Name:, Mike Caulo Blog Day 2,* Name of the plan as it will appear on the store Sport Type:, Gym,* Select sport type for the plan Units:, Imperial,* Select if you are using Metric or Imperia…