Mike Caulo Blog Day 4

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Todays’ Schedule

9am – wake up, drink 8 ounces of water and make a shake


8 ounces water

4 ounces black coffee

16 ounces almond milk (unsweetened)

1 serving phresh greens

1 serving muscle tech protein



930am – 30 mins walk within an hour of waking up and drink shake



10-1130am kickboxing session (Drink 1 scoop 1st Phorm BCAA’s with 32 ounces water throughout workout)


bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm

Mike Caulo 30 day Blog Training & Nutrition Plan.xlsm

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1130am -430pm static streching, hot tub, shower, change, eat then prepare food and head out to meetings before evening training

445pm – F45 Strength Focused Class

530pm-845pm teach then set up and head home

9pm-10pm – Eat with Ash and watch “This is Us”

10pm – 12am WORK then get ready for bed