Samuel Miller: Making the Connection

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Everyone needs the human touch in order to be reminded of their humanity. It gives them strength to shoot higher. Samuel Miller knows this all too well. Since he didn’t feel a calling to traditional lines of work, he was inspired to create Progressive Wellness LLC where he could express himself fully. “You have to be an example,” he says, “It’s more than a business. It’s a deep passionate lifestyle.” Through his career, Miller always looks to connect to others in order to aid in their fulfilment.


Miller looks to reach everyone; no matter what their background may be. “We’ve grown up in different environments that have shaped us,” he says, “Biodiversity is special.” He knows with diversity come unique hurdles for each individual. However, Miller still knows how to work with any person. “Naturally things are going to be hard,” he says, “It’s all about the approach. I see how people are with themselves first to get to their roots.” There are individuals who feel jaded due to their experiences in life. “Some people have extreme low levels of confidence in themselves and others due to being misguided,” he says, “This makes them feel as if they can’t help themselves and people aren’t there for them.” Luckily, there is always a solution.


“Progress is extremely important because it’s that next step forward that brings meaning to you,” he says. This is the key to the things all people want. “Everyone wants to feel good,” says Miller, “Everyone wants to feel a connection. Everyone wants more meaning but a lot of people get scared to tap into that.” He knows being honest with others so they can be honest with themselves will unbind them from fears associated with progress. “The truth will set you free and forward,” he says, “And to another level of freedom as well.” Including a more enriched life with meaningful and boundless connections. – Paige Etheridge



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