Train Like a Boxer, 6 Killer Workouts Fighters Do



Remember Michael B. Jordan in Creed? The guy was ripped to the max while also packing that killer look all boxers seem to naturally have. Not only he looked lean – he was also ready to punch his way out of stardom and into a ring in one swift move that would’ve forever change his career.


And if it’s possible for a Hollywood A-lister to get into boxing shape in under a year – then why shouldn’t the same apply to you?


Behold: 6 killer boxing workouts to do if you want to dominate inside the ropes:


  1. Ladder Drills


Nothing beats an evenly matched opponent like mastered footwork. Having oaks for legs similar to those of Rocky Marciano also helps, but is a far cry from reaching your true boxing potential.


An excellent start for beginners, advanced individuals or even pros is employing the ladder drill technique to your complete boxing workout. There are tons of different ladder drills out there from which we’ll single out the ones yielding the best results for the least amount of time.


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