What is LOF?

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LOF or Life of a Fighter, has evolved over the years from its founding in 2010 by Mike Caulo as a MMA Media Company to a thriving Health Lifestyle Brand.

Our Mission Statement revolves around the pillars of our company, which are:

  1. Educate – We utilize our network of health and medical professionals to create multi media content that will provide you all the information you need for your “Fight”.
  2. Inspire – We share success stories from our audience, coaches, and fighters, to keep you pushing towards your goals
  3. Improve – Applying our first two pillars of Educate and Inspire we know that your will achieve your goals and beyond.

“I Founded LOF in 2010 as a fighter to help attract sponsors to aid in his pursuit of a professional MMA Career.  Along the way I’ve built a health system influenced by coaches, fighters, trainers, and everyone met on my journey.  I saw how much I could help others, and influence an audience if I consistently grew as a person, martial artist, health professional and business owner.  My goal for LOF is be a resource for those fighting for what they want in life.  I believe we all have a fighter, that’s why the name Life of a Fighter designates with so many people.  Here at LOF we want to know Whats Your Fight?  My hopes are not only to help you win your fight but help as many fighters as possible win their respective fights.

-Mike Caulo

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