KettleBell Workouts and Nutrition Planning for Superior Results

KettleBell Workouts and Nutrition Planning for Superior Results

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What if I told you that at least 90% of what you have read, watched or heard about fitness today is much more about marketing hype, making sales of gym memberships or pushing near worthless supplements than providing information that can truly help you get fit, healthy and strong?


What if I told you much of the time you have spent in the past sweating on high priced exercise machines or tripping around following over complicated workout routines were pretty close to being a total waste of time?


What if I told there’s a much simpler way to get the body of your dreams with just one very simple tool, some smart training, the willingness to work hard and the right attitude? All things I will lay out for you clearly in this very guide?


You might think I was crazy, but there’s a method to my madness and it’s all backed up by quick real world results.


Frankly, the state of fitness in this day and age is pretty sad unless you step away from the mainstream and dive into doing things differently. Once you open that door the sky is the limit.



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  • What are Kettlebells?



With their rising popularity you have likely seen one somewhere, but if not they look like an iron cannon ball with a thick looped handle on top. They, of course, come in a pretty wide range of weights growing larger as their weight rises.


Originating in hard training Russia, where they are called giryas and are a staple of both military (especially Special Forces) training and that of the world-renowned Russian Olympic Lifting teams.


Russian Kettlebells are amazing! These kettlebell workouts may be the answer to maintaining a home gym or having an expensive club membership.


With Russian kettlebells you can develop superior gains over traditional workout methods and save lots of space in your home.


The man who teaches Russian Kettlebell training is Pavel Tsatsouline. He is a former Spetznaz trainer. For those who may not know, Spetznaz is the Russian equivalent of the CIA or special forces.


As every high-risk agent would wish for, after studying some of Pavel’s books you can definitely find out how to have explosive instant power ready at all times.


But, not everyone is a spy; in fact very few of us are. So what benefits does kettlebell training have for the average woman or man?


Kettlebell training can be a great way to lose weight, tone up the body, and stay in shape once you get it there with the added benefits mentioned above.


And not only that, kettlebell workouts may be better for you than weights. In one of his books, Pavel mentions some of the fitness tests that were used to compare kettlebell training to traditional workouts.


The kettlebell trainers seemed to be in much better shape according to Pavel. And Pavel would know – You can see a picture of Pavel on his web site. The guy is well muscled and toned for someone that avoids weight training like the plague.


Speaking of muscle and tone, check out the incredible Ab muscles that Pavel can show you how to develop. Pavel, being an expert in physical training combined with his unique experience and insight is fully qualified to show you all about physical fitness.


Whether you are female or male, Pavel can show you the way to fitness. He has also collected for our benefit, what he believes to be excellent advice in nutrition.


Another thing I think that is interesting about Pavel and his work is that he brings his colorful and interesting Russian personality into play. For example, just think of the title of one of his books, Power to the People.


Me? I find that title humorous, but if I had to explain why I think it’s funny, I’m not sure that I could. It might be the underlying but subtle notion that liberation is in order for someone. Come to think of it, I guess liberation is in order.


Pavel wants to show us a better way to fitness and free us from our need to spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym and spend it more wisely and effectively, so that we can have great physical fitness and time to enjoy it as well.

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As you can see by glancing at his pictures, Pavel not only knows how to develop an amazing physique but he also knows how to keep himself flexible at the same time.


Maybe now you can understand why I think this man has some answers to fitness that we might not be able to find anywhere else, nor all in one convenient location either.


As always, consult a primary care physician before embarking on any fitness regimen. This article is for information purposes only and is not to treat, prevent or diagnose any physical condition.


Safety Tips with Kettlebells

  • You Are In Control. “I am in control” should be your mindset and mantra when you are training with Kettlebells. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting your thoughts slip into “I’m being moved by the weight of the Kettlebell” especially when you are in your early training days. This can quickly lead to mishaps. What your mind thinks your body is much more likely to do. So remind yourself again and again that you are in control of the Ketttlebell it’s not in control of you.
  • Be Focused. A second and almost equally important mental element of Kettlebell training is to always stay focused. Think about what you are doing. Not about work, school, the cute person doing lunges, dinner or anything else. Even for experienced trainers it’s important to respect the Kettlebell movements and always stay focused on them while exercising. Numerous studies have shown this will also help you build strength faster as


  • Make Room. Don’t allow yourself to have to compete for space with your Kettlebell. Sooner or later your toes will lose. Ditto for training very close to other people. If you do drop a Ketttlebell let it be on the floor and not on your foot or on one your friends!


  • Keep Neutral Wrists. Make sure you never hyper extend your wrists. I’ve done it and it’s no fun. Now I wear wrist wraps mainly as a reminder to not make the mistake again. Wrists are an easy joint to hurt so a little attention can save a lot of aspirin in the long run!


  • Always Warm Up. If you’ve progressed to the point of using heavier Kettlebells be sure to always do a few lighter sets first. All of us need to do some light stretching, push-ups and a few minutes of cardio (jumping jacks work) before hitting the Kettlebell to make sure we don’t pull any muscles. Common sense right?


  • Correct Your Form Between Reps. Sometimes we will find ourselves breaking good form during a repetition of a Kettlebell movement. The smart safety tip is to not attempt to fix the issue in mid swing, press or lift. This could rebound into an even greater issue. Correct your form between reps when the Kettlebell is not in


  • Respect Even the Lighter Kettlebells. Respect all sized Kettlebells. Even lighter movements and warm ups. You are still dynamically moving a heavy weight that can hurt yourself, others or the surrounding architecture!


Kettlebells are fun, effective and generally safe.

Ultimately, they will help you build a much more injury resilient body. We just need to make sure we treat them, and ourselves, with the respect they deserve!

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5 Great Tips On Exercise

Still not ready to get a killer workout session in? Have exercise misconceptions prevented you from starting an exercise program? Clear up any confusion and let these exercise tips improve your workout routine. Hopefully none of these common exercise myths, mistakes and misconceptions have prevented you from working out.


  1. Common Mistake: Failure to set goals. Do you exercise without a clear goal in mind? Having a clear goal set is a critical step in exercise and weight loss success. Tracking your progress in a journal will help ensure you see your improvements, will help motivate you and help you meet your ultimate goal.


  1. Common Misconception: No Pain, No Gain. Pain is your bodyís way of letting you know something is wrong. Do not ignore this. When you go beyond exercise and testing yourself, you will encounter physical discomfort and need to overcome it. An example of this would be training for a marathon. It is important that you have the base training before getting into the advance training. The base training develops the body and gets it ready for extensive training. You need to learn to read your body. Is the heavy breathing because you are pushing your body or could it be the beginning of a heart attack. Exercise is important. Do it correctly and you can do it for the rest of your life.


It is normal for you to hurt after you exercise, but it must be done gradually with a good amount of rest periods to allow proper healing. There are two common problems here with beginning exercisers. You can cause long lasting damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments if you work out while you are in pain, without allowing enough rest time to heal. You might find yourself in constant and long lasting pain if you do this which means that you will no longer be able to exercise.


If you wake up the next morning after you exercised and can barely drag your aching body out of bed because everything hurts, you are going to be less motivated to exercise at all. Constant pain is a sure way to kill your exercise program.


  1. Common Mistake: Sacrificing Quality for Quantity. When you are ready to increase the number of reps of a particular exercise, and strengthen the corresponding muscles, instead of forcing yourself to do a little more each time try decreasing the number of reps in a set but increase the number of sets. Also, back off to half your usual number of reps but add a couple of more sets. You will feel less tired and will be able to gain strength in your fast-twitch muscles.


  1. Common Myth: Weight Training Makes Women Bulky. Weight training for a woman will strengthen and tone muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism, not build mass. Women do not produce enough of testosterone to build muscle mass the way that men do.


  1. Common Mistake: Over-Emphasizing Strengths. You should start focusing on your points rather then what you are good at. This will help you balance things. For example, if your lower body is stronger than you upper body, then try to work only on this area one day a week.


Being smart about how you exercise will take you a long way. It is important to have a healthy body so get out there and start exercising today.Life of a Fighter Memberships


Exercise and Nutrition

No matter what your reasons are for starting a new exercise program you really need to pay attention to your nutritional needs as well. If you exercise like crazy but eat a high fat diet you will not reap the full benefits from your workouts.


In regards to nutrition you want to take one week and write down everything you eat, and don’t cheat! This will give you a good overview of what you eat and when. By keeping a food journal for at least a week you can see if you skip breakfast, you can see how often you eat out and what your food choices are. From here you will see if you are eating a diet that is high in fat, sugar and fast foods.


Once you have this information you can start to make changes. So for example if your problem is that you drink too many soft drinks you want to start swapping a soft drink for water or herbal tea. You don’t have to quit cold turkey but start making small changes.


If you go for a coffee and a doughnut every day then switch the doughnut for a lower fat choice. Or ideally take your own low fat granola bar or some other breakfast snack. If you are eating out because of time then you can quickly whip up a fruit smoothie or eat a piece of fruit along with some yogurt.


By eating correctly not only will you start to feel better, you will see the benefits from your exercise as well. By fuelling your body with high quality food choices you will have more energy to workout longer and at higher intensity levels.


Supplements can be a useful thing to help improve your nutrition and exercise routines. If you workout straight after work you can easily use a supplement or nutrition bar while travelling to the gym. This way you are supplying your body with energy before beginning your exercise class. You will feel more energized and won’t suffer from burn out before the class is over.


You don’t have to make drastic changes in regards to both nutrition and exercise. Small changes are going to make an impact. By eating more fresh fruit and vegetables you will probably start to feel better and more energized. When you start to add exercise into the mix you could see that you sleep better and feel more alert during the day. You actually feel as though you have enough energy to get through your busy day.

So start by making sure you eat breakfast and try to add a short walk into your day. Once you have this achieved then increase your activity level and begin to add more healthy food choices into your diet.

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Living a Healthy Life

In the fast paced world that we live in it can be easy to neglect our health and wellness. Weíre so busy racing through our day to day lives ñ family, friends, work, social engagements ñ that we donít take the time to look after ourselves. Itís really no wonder that so many of us are tired and run down. What are some simple things that we can do to improve our quality of life?


Drink Drink Drink


You’ve heard it a million times and you’ll probably hear it a million more, drink more water!


Think about it: The human body is 72% water. A 5% drop in fluids creates a 25-30% loss in energy. A 15% drop in fluids causes death! At this point in time 66% of us aren’t drinking enough water, so over half the population isn’t running on all six cylinders to begin with, before things like bad air, bad food and stress take their toll.


It’s not really a difficult thing to remedy. Just drink one glass of water every half hour or so, or 10-12 glasses of water per day, and you’ll notice a huge jump in your energy levels.

Living Life, Loving Food!


A little known fact is that heating food above 116∞F destroys much of the nutrient content. Considering that we already aren’t eating enough veggies, that’s a fairly substantial problem. Nutritionists recommend five serves of fresh vegetables per day. How many of us are actually taking that advice?


A great way to get the nutrients found in fresh veggies without spending all day at stove or eating raw celery sticks is to juice your veggies. Make sure that you own a good juicer (some juicers expose vegetables to heat created by friction during juicing, which breaks down important enzymes), grab some fresh vegetables and drink your way to good health. It takes a fraction of the time (there’s no cooking involved, for one thing) and it’s convenient. You can take your juice to work and even give some to the littlies for school lunches!


Wheat-grass in particular is an excellent source of nutrition. Itís high in chlorophyll (sometimes described as plant blood because it closely resembles human red blood cell molecules) and has over 100 elements that the body needs. Fresh grains are another excellent source for vitamins and minerals.

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Energy In, Energy Out


Exercise is another dirty word for most of us. The thing is, exercise doesn’t have to be horribly time consuming or mind-numbingly boring. There are plenty of options.


Years ago gyms usually offered weight rooms, aerobics classes and maybe a tydro-circuit. Now you can add water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, dance-ercise, step classes and a whole range of new workout options.


If you don’t really have the time or money for the gym, or prefer to spend your mornings/nights at home, then try an exercise bike or walker. I’d be lost without my exercise bike ñ I set it up in front of the television and peddle away merrily during my favorite shows.


If, like me, you suffer from illness or injury or your level of fitness is quite low, you might like to consider some invaluable advice that I got from my doctor:


Once you’re physically unfit, and particularly if you’re also unwell, it can be a mammoth battle to just do the most minimal amount of exercise in a day. The danger is that inactivity leads to further loss of energy, which becomes a self-perpetuating cycle until you can barely get off the couch.


An excellent way to get back into a physical routine is to start slowly. Ridiculously slowly, it may seem. For the first couple of weeks, walk/ride for 5 minutes per day, exactly 5 minutes, no more, even if you think you could continue. When the 2 weeks are up, increase to 7 minutes, then 10 minutes, 12 minutes, continue to gradually increase your activity until you’re at a level that you’re comfortable with.


It may sound a little silly, but it works. In effect, you trick your body into producing more energy. You’re building your exercise time up so slowly that your body doesn’t really realize what’s happening. Follow this method and, before you know it, you’ll be comfortably exercising within your limits every day.


So, folks, that’s the basics. If you can rearrange your life a little to allow for better eating habits and a little exercise, and if you remember to just drink a glass of water every half hour or so, you’ll be well on the way to living a healthy life. On a final note, don’t forget to take some quiet time for yourself. Meditating is an excellent way to minimize stress. You don’t have to sit around for hours, just give yourself 5 minutes of quiet time every day, even in the shower, if that’s the only place where you can get time out, and have a little catch up with yourself.


And, last but by no means least, laugh! In fact, laugh like a loon, the louder the better! You’ll be amazed at how much such a simple thing can lift your spirits!


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Exercise And Sleeping Better

The amount of physical exercise that you exert during the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you get a good sleep at night. The more active your body is during the day, the more likely you are to relax at night and fall asleep faster.


With regular exercise you’ll notice that your quality of sleep is improved and the transition between the cycles and phases of sleep will become smoother and more regular. By keeping up your physical activity during the day, you may find it easier to deal with the stress and worries of your life.


Research and studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between how much we exercise and how we feel afterwards.


You should try and increase your physical activity during the day. The goal here is to give your body enough stimulation during the day so that you aren’t full of energy at night.  


Your body requires a certain amount of physical activity in order to keep functioning in a healthy manner. It is also important to note that you should not be exercising three or four hours before you go to bed.


The ideal exercise time is in the late afternoon or early evening. You want to make sure you expend your physical energy long before it is time for your body to rest and ready itself for sleep.


You should attempt to exercise at least three or four times a week for a period of 30 minutes or so. You can include walking or something simple. If you prefer, you can include strenuous activities such as running as well.


The goal here is to increase your heart rate and strengthen the capacity of your lungs. By adding a regular exercise activity to your daily schedule will help you to improve your overall health and help you emotionally as well.  


Along with running and walking there are several other physical activities that you can add to your daily life to increase your level of physical activity. If you are battling not sleeping, you’ll find aerobic exercise to be the best.


Your goal with exercise is to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your blood stream. Overall, there are many types of aerobic exercise for you to choose from. The activities include running, biking, using a treadmill, dancing, and jumping rope.


There are some non aerobic exercises that you may find beneficial to help you solve your amnesia problem.  


Yoga is an exercise that has a stimulatory effect on your nervous system, especially the brain. Yoga utilizes breathing techniques and yoga postures to increase the blood circulation to the brain, promoting regular and restful sleeping patterns. The regular practice of yoga will help you to relax as well as relieve tension and stress.


Tai Chi is an ancient art of breathing and movement that was developed by the Chinese monks. The movements involved are slow and precise, which is ideal if you have joint pains or you are unable to participate in high aerobic exercises. Research has shown that Tai Chi can help with insomnia by promoting relaxation.


If you discover that you don’t have any time to exercise on a regular basis, you should try to sneak moments of activity into your schedule.   Whenever possible, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator, as little things like that will do wonders for your body.


You should also park your car around the corner and walk that extra block or two to get to your destination. As you may know, there are many small things you can add to increase the activity in your life. Your overall goal here is to have a healthy and well balanced life – with plenty of sleep.

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