Life of a Fighter LOF Podcast Episode 74: Mike Caulo Blog Day 9

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Todays’ Schedule

945am – wake up, drink 8 ounces of water & write for 15 mins


10am – 1045am – make coffee, record podcast for the day


1045am – 3pm – Walk to the bakery and get the car then go to Golds Gym for Xceleration Upper Body Program then stretch sauana shower, head to bakery get food and head home to work

3pm- 7pm – Get the christmas tree

7pm-8pm – Dinner


8pm-9pm Kickboxing session (Drink 1 scoop 1st Phorm BCAA’s with 32 ounces water throughout workout) then stretch,& shower

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm


9pm -11pm finish blog post, podcast and work


Mike Caulo 30 day Blog Training & Nutrition Plan.xlsm

Day 2 RED, Description of what you should include BLACK, An example of what you should included Plan Name:, Mike Caulo Blog Day 2,* Name of the plan as it will appear on the store Sport Type:, Gym,* Select sport type for the plan Units:, Imperial,* Select if you are using Metric or Imperia…