Lightening & Thunder Strike? Life of a Fighter LOF Podcast: Episode 83 Mike Caulo Blog Day 18


Mike Caulo 30 day Blog Training & Nutrition Plan.xlsm

Day 2 Plan Name:, Mike Caulo Blog Day 2 Sport Type:, Gym Units:, Imperial Plan Description:, Today is a skill focused day with 30 minutes of consecutive bag work. The goal is to do 2 main things, 1. establish an aerobic baseline to build off of 2. Create, eninforce and build upon neuropathw…

Todays’ Schedule

930am 11am – Wake up and do work

11am – 4 pm- go for a walk then kickboxing & yoga session then record the podcast, eat, do more work then get ready go F45 strength session at 445pm

445pm – 930pm – Take F45 Panthers class then teach at 545pm and 630pm, then set up for the next day, pick up dinner, eat with Ash, finish blogging

f45 panthers workout 12:14:17

f45 panthers workout 12:14:17

(Drink 1 scoop 1st Phorm BCAA’s with 32 ounces water throughout workout)

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm

bcaa_greenapple 1st phorm



930pm-11pm – relax and spend time with Ash before bed






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