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Michael Caulo

Ok so its Story Time, which FYI is probably my favorite time of the day besides food time. I know some of you but many I dont know personally but have attempted to reach out to everyone.  If you haven’t heard from me and would like, click the 7 Day Preview Below and enter your email address.  I love sharing great content and talking with everyone in our audience.

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My names Michael Caulo, I have been on a healthy lifestyle journey since I was 16 years old, I’m 28 years old now, so I have a decent amount of time under my belt now in the health and fitness world. Before I cared about my health I was a relatively chubby kid, but was extremely active in sports and being active so my emotional and heavy eating never ballooned too far out of proportion. Long story short at 16 years old I was cut from my varsity baseball team, I was heart broken. The coach made it clear that my weight and lack of speed were an issue for the style of baseball he wanted the team to play.


Up until this point I ATE, I am Italian and German, so when I say I ATE, we’re talking Lasagna, Pasta, Meatballs, Sausages, spetzles, heavy dishes lets just say that. So I never really new or cared about what a healthy lifestyle was, because as far as I knew I was active, and healthy.


So back to the story, when I was cut from the team I knew I needed to make a change. I got a nutritionist, a strength coach and invested my energy into educating myself on health and fitness.


I went from 16 years old 235lbs about 25-28% body fat to 155lbs 28% body fat in 3-4 months. I ran everyday, counted all my food to a T, weighed everything, measured, etc. So at this point I went from one end of the spectrum to the other, going from no care at all about my health to an obsession, and looking back maybe a little unhealthy ironically.


Once I started working with a Strength Coach that actually became my mentor and the biggest influence in my health career, things started to come together.


Like most 18 year olds in college I had no real idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had a plan but not one that inspired me. At 19 years old I got into MMA and BAM my life was forever changed. I again became obsessed, training everyday, cutting class to train, competing, the whole 9.


At 22 years old I left Stony Brook University to pursue fighting as a career and moved to Las Vegas.


Throughout this journey I was reminded how hard life can be, at times you feel on top of the world and times you feel like nothing is working. I continued to not only compete in MMA but continue to educate myself on the human body and mind. No matter what your career path is, I 100% believe everyone should be educated on themselves. Cause think about it if you don’t know how you work, how can you make the best decisions for happiness, success, etc.


In fighting I have seen huge obstacles, In my second sanctioned amateur mma fight I broke a rib and herniated 4 discs in my back. I learned real quick that nothing will come easy, but being consistent is the key to success. Whether it is in your career, with your health, goals, whatever. If you show up, do what you say you will, have a plan and stick to it. Then you have created more than just short term health goal, or went on a diet, you have created habitual changes that will forever empower your life.


The biggest take away from this I would like you have is, just keep kicking ass. I am very lucky to have two very intelligent parents that also happen to be accountants and one of the biggest lessons I learned at a young age about the stock market believe it or not is how I view life. You didn’t lose until you sold.


Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA Master Trainer
– Associates Degree in Exercise Science from International Sports Science Association in 2012
– Bachelors Degree with concentrations in Biology, Sociology and Business Management from Stony Brook University Spring 2016.
– I’ve worked as a Personal Trainer for over 10 years, working with clients from New York to Las Vegas.
– Founder of The Life of a Fighter Ltd but I am also a true entrepreneur at heart – constantly looking to explore new opportunities for myself and the company to bring a more in-depth perspective from the eyes of a “fighter”.

As a Mixed Martial Arts athlete and the founder of this company, I believe I bring in some of the most unique angles, insights, and perspectives in the Health & Fitness community.

Contact Info:

Email – info@lifeofafighter.com or lifeofafighter@gmail.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/michael.caulo

Twitter – @MikeCaulo

Instagram – @MikeCaulo

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