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  • Tired Of Guessing What To Do When You Are Outside Of The Gym?
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To help you lead a fit and sustainable lifestyle with food, Life of a Fighter is proud to offer…

Custom Nutrition Plans from our Team of Certified Nutrition Consultants

Our team of certified nutritionists will work with you to create the perfect program for your body, lifestyle and goals. Receiving your complimentary nutrition plan is as easy as clicking the button below…  

Here’s how we get you results in 3 easy steps:


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We create your custom nutrition plan.


Step 3:

We coach, hold you accountable and track your progress.


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The Life of a Fighter is a team of personal trainers, coaches and health professionals who…

  • Have achieved results for 1000’s of clients
  • Earned Fitness coaching certifications
  • Earned Registered Dietitian status
  • Have collectively helped clients lose 50,000 lbs of fat
  • Earned Registered Dietitian status with

You might be saying to yourself, “Well that sounds simple. But what are the special benefits I get from working with a certified nutrition consultant from Life of a Fighter?”

Here are the top 10 benefits you get from working with us:

    • 1 Increase Mental Clarity.Food is the fuel that keeps your brain running. With our custom nutrition consulting and plans you’ll feel more focused throughout the day.
    • 2 Perform better at work.A balanced and optimized food plan has been shown to strengthen cognitive function and memory.
    • 3 Have less aches and pain.Eating the proper foods will allow you to recover faster and feel better.
    • 4 Stay Healthy.Eating the proper balance of nutrient rich foods allow you to live longer and improve your overall quality of life.
    • 5 Develop a routine.Creating healthy habits is the key not to achieving not only your fitness goals but your life goals as well. By preparing meals and having a routine worked into your week, you control what goes in your food and body.

  • 6 Learn how to eat.Learn how to properly eat the right foods at the right times to optimize your results..
  • 7 Develop the body of your dreams.Don’t wake up wishing for the body of your dreams… we’ll help you actually achieve it.
  • 8 EAT MORE FOOD.We’ll teach you our secret to eating more of the foods you love while still making progress towards your goals.
  • 9 Feel more energized.We’ll teach you what foods are loaded with energy rich nutrients, and when to eat them so you can feel your best.
  • 10 Burn Fat Faster.Working with a coach has been shown in case studies to get results four times faster than just classes or working out on your own.

We’ve helped 1000s of client eat better, move better, and live better. And since 2006 we’ve only been getting better at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if Life of a Fighter’s nutrition coaching services are a fit for you? Here are a three of the most common questions we get…

How much does it cost?

Getting a LOF coach is surprisingly affordable. In fact, our services ultimately cost you nothing since you would spend far more on doctor visits for likely health risks resulting from lack of exercise and care for your body. Often clients see results in the very first week. We have three package options–whether you prefer to work us in a small group, a class, or one-on-one. We accept all major credit cards. Plus, there’s no contracts and no long-term commitments.

– Mike  

How will you keep me on track and motivated?

With our weekly email check-ins we will walk through your fitness goals for the week while tracking your body’s measurements. In addition we’ll send you weekly inspirational texts to keep you focused and motivated.

– Mike  

How do I know I’ll see results?

We have refined our training programs over the last decade to deliver maximum results for your specific body and goals. Weekly we make sure that you are executing the program and seeing the results by measuring your body fat percentage, body measurements and overall weight.

– Mike  



Still not convinced? Get a sneak preview of our fitness program and see for yourself