LOF 28 Day Course & Live Challenge

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Week 1 The cleanse  › Learn how to reset years of damage
and poor decisions.

Week 2 Eat 100% clean   › Learn how to eat for success eat in a way that
burns fat and builds muscle.

Week 3 Eat 90% clean   › Learn how to introduce cheat meals into your week
that will actually increase your metabolism.

Week 4 Eat 80% clean   › Learn how to transition into a lifestyle approach
to reaching your goals and maintaining them.

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The 28-Day Challenge eBook gives you a play-by-play guide on how to lose fat, build muscle, improve your body’s nutritional health and increase overall brain function.

1 review for LOF 28 Day Course & Live Challenge

  1. MikeCaulo (verified owner)

    Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced fitness enthusiast, this 28 day challenge can progress you to the next stage of your goals. Highly recommend this ebook.

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