Rosi Sexton’s unconventional life in a nutshell

Rosi Sexton’s unconventional life in a nutshell

Retirement is a vastly different concept when you’re 35 than it is when you’re 65 and have worked for a lifetime.

But a retirement of sorts was beckoning for Rosi Sexton. Her part-time career as a mixed martial arts fighter had been fulfilling, but it was also extremely costly. She’d been a pro for more than 10 years and the purse money was almost non-existent, almost never enough to cover even her training expenses.

She knew she had to think of her 7-year-old son’s education and begin to save money for his college days.

Plus, she was just tired of facing fighters she suspected were using anabolic steroids or some other kind of performance-enhancing drug.

She was doing what she loved, and that was fulfilling in and of itself, but it left her confronting a stack of issues.

The word retirement never crossed her lips, but last fall, after a bout with Sheila Gaff fell apart following an injury to Gaff, Sexton had effectively retired as a fighter.

She told friends that unless something interesting came along, she probably wouldn’t fight again.

“Fighting is what I dreamed of doing, and I loved it,” Sexton said. “But there comes a time at some point when it’s over. I thought I’d probably gotten to that point.”

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