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Scatter Radio
ScatterRadio, real radio by real people.  Just from the tag line I liked this company already.  But after having the chance to check out how easy it was to start an account and upload content within minutes I was sold.  ScatterRadio was a company I came across one day online and just from the name I was intrigued.  Before I decide to endorse any product, service, website, or company I always do my research and hw on that brand. 

Obviously anything I and LOF is putting our stamp of approval on is a reflection of us as well.  ScatterRadio is a perfect representation of that, they have all the features of a mainstream audio hosting company, and yet still has the feel of a closely knitted community.  Here at LOF we are proud to be apart of that community now and look forward to sharing new content on our ScatterRadio Page and on this site as well.  If you haven’t went to ScatterRadio.com yet, be sure to give the link a click and check out the great content.  Especially if you are a podcast host or are looking to start one yourself the ease to upload and deliver content is amazing.  Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to check back for new audio content hosted by ScatterRadio!


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