The Brain That Changes Itself – LOF Podcast Episode 106

1 A Woman Perpetually Falling
Rescued by the Man Who Discovered the Plasticity of Our Senses
2 Building Herself a Better Brain
A Woman Labeled “Retarded” Discovers How to Heal Herself
3 Redesigning the Brain
A Scientist Changes Brains to Sharpen Perception and Memory, Increase
Speed of Thought, and Heal Learning Problems
4 Acquiring Tastes and Loves
What Neuroplasticity Teaches Us About Sexual Attraction and Love
5 Midnight Resurrections
Stroke Victims Learn to Move and Speak Again
6 Brain Lock Unlocked
Using Plasticity to Stop Worries, OPsessions, Compulsions, and Bad Habits
7 Pain
The Dark Side of Plasticity
8 Imagination
How Thinking Makes It So
9 Turning Our Ghosts into Ancestors
Psychoanalysis as a Neuroplastic Therapy
10 Rejuvenation
The Discovery of the Neuronal Stem Cell and Lessons for Preserving Our
11 More than the Sum of Her Parts
A Woman Shows Us How Radically Plastic the Brain Can Be

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